What do you do if your dog won't go out in the rain? There are answers, and we've rounded up a few.

All this wet Lubbock weather can leave us a little distressed, and our dogs can be distressed as well. My dog doesn't like going out in the rain and is pretty shy of big puddles. Some dogs are afraid of thunder. So what can we do for our four-legged friends?

I've found that when I put her leash on and lead her out, she will come with me. An umbrella to keep us a little dryer is also a help. Additionally, my research shows that doggy rain-gear can help.

Some more tips include: Giving rewards or praise to your dog for braving the wet weather,  keeping your dog as dry as possible, and lastly, reconsider an indoor alternative, according to vetstreet.com.

It's good to know you're not alone and not the only one whose dog just looks at you instead of running outside when you open the door and it's raining. Be patient, and take heart -- there are ways to work around this. We can get through the wet weather.

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