Need a Job? UMC Health System to Host a Job Fair in Lubbock
It seems like everyone is hiring these days in Lubbock and that is good news for those who are looking a new job or new career. It's not good news for a lot of businesses that need a full staff for things to run smoothly.
One place we all want running smoothly is the hospital...
Texas Lawmakers Getting Death Threats Over Abortion Bill
Those who are in the public eye are used to the angry phone calls, tweets, and letters they receive. For lawmakers, commentators, and others it comes with the job and most learn to have thick skin early in their careers.
Sadly, death threats are also something that people who are in the spotlight hav…
Lubbock BBQ Joint Claps Back at Dumb Sign in Austin
The above sign was posted to a Facebook group by a gentleman named Brian Barkley who was in Austin and spotted the sign. The sign outside of the University COOP on the University of Texas campus had the sign that said, "Here in Austin we don't waste good tortillas...

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