The Dirty River Boys are hands down one of the most exciting bands to hit the scene in a long time. Their mix of high energy, skillful songwriting and one of a kind sound brings music fans and concert goers to their feet with joy. But it's that sound that could use your help.

The Dirty River Boys are ready to record their first full length album and need your help. They're ready to hit the studio but, as some of you might know, studio time is quite expensive. That's why they created a Kickstarter page to help raise the money.

If you love the music of the Dirty River Boys then you will love all the incentives that they offer with each level of donation. It ranges from $20 to the ultimate DRB package which includes your own private concert and them cooking dinner for you, along with so much more.

They're currently half way to their goal to be able to make the album. They'll have until April 22nd to raise the money for their album, so your help could help finish the album sooner than expected. That means the wait for new music from the Dirty River Boys wouldn't be so far off.

Head over to their Kickstarter page and see if you can help the guys out. They would appreciate any donation that could be made. They would also love to thank you in person as they return to Lubbock on Saturday, April 21st at the Blue Light.

Check out this message from the Dirty River Boys about their Kickstarter page and their new album then check out some classic DRB after that.

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