A Dirty River Boys concert is more like a party, in an EF5 tornado, than a show. But not one where people get hurt, or property is damaged. I take it back, that's a little too destructive of a metaphor, and misleading.

A DRB concert is definitely not out of control, nor is it random, like tornadoes. It toes the line of awesome, chaos and awesome. And the least tornado thing, the guys care about their fans, they actually appreciate folks that cross their path, and come to a show.

Last week Marco and Nino, of DRB, dropped by Radio Texas, LIVE!, where they were met with Five Questions, they sang live for us, and discussed their recent "exclusive debut" at SouthernLiving.com.

Hear what we learned:

Here's what we learned:

1. I don't always double check my answers in Five Questions.
2. DRB merchman, Tim, is a big Super Mario Bros. fan. He's got the tats to prove it.
3. The first people that heard Down by the River, also got a killer Paula Dean cupcake recipe.
4. You might find their record at Bed Bath and Beyond, someday.
5. Their MusicFest 2015 experiences get more and more tame as they get older.
6. When the Dirty River Boys aren't here, I miss them.

Finally I'll leave you with, Thought I'd Let You Know, sung live in the RTX studio, enjoy!

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