Musicians often pay homage to some of their influences and favorite musicians by covering their music at their live shows or on their albums. Some are a wide miss while others knock it out of the park.

This list is eight musicians and bands from Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico and songs that if they were to cover would easily be home runs. Some of the bands below mention these singers to be influences while others just have a sound that could make this song their own.

Check out the list of eight songs that could be perfectly covered by these eight bands and musicians. Feel free to add your own in our Facebook commenting section below the post. And please remember: NO ‘FREEBIRD’.

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    Bri Bagwell

    Foregiveness - as by Patty Griffin

    Bri Bagwell could bring her smooth and flawless voice to this Patty Griffin track. Patty’s performance of ‘Forgiveness’ is hauntingly beautiful (like every song Patty does). Bri though could bring more of a country flair to the Griffin tune. You could also pick any tune that Patty does and Bri could easily make it her own, which is saying a lot seeing how amazing Patty is.

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    Curtis Grimes

    I'm Satisfied With You - as by Hank Williams Sr.

    He’s the Texas heart throb with the deep voice that has been taking the Lone Star state by storm. Curtis Grimes reminds you of a younger George Strait. That’s why a song that was covered by George Strait himself is perfect for him. Originally done by the great Hank Williams, ‘I’m Satisfied With You’ would make all those pretty ladies weak at the knees and would have all the guys singing along.

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    Dirty River Boys

    Wayfaring Stranger - as by Jack White

    These boys can do no wrong when it comes to covering songs during their live performances. Their high energy and no holds barred shows thrill thousands of fans across the Lone Star state. This track though would be the complete opposite for them. The slowed sound of ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ would go perfect for the four piece band from El Paso. Their range of musical ability should easily be able to bring new life to this classic.

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    Damn Quails

    No Place to Fall - as by Townes Van Zandt

    If The Damn Quails made an entire cover album to Townes Van Zandt songs, I would be the first to buy it. ‘No Place To Fall’ though is easily this writer’s pick for the perfect song to be covered by for the Damn Quails. All songwriters (if they admit to it or not) draw their songwriting from the work of Townes Van Zandt. While many people have already covered this track, it’s the Damn Quails that would really do this song justice.

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    Eagle Eye Williamson

    I’m So Worried Baby - as by John Lee Hooker

    The first time I met Eagle Eye we had drinks and talked the blues for a good 45 minutes. It’s the blues where Eagle Eye draws from the most in his own sound but it was the singers he said he admired most that really got us talking. John Lee Hooker was the mutual interest we both shared, that’s why a song by him was chosen. I was torn between ‘Crawling King Snake’ and ‘I’m So Worried Baby’ but the later would just mesh well with Eagle Eye’s one man band style.

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    Mark McKinney

    300 Pounds of Hongry - as by Tony Joe White

    Not many people list the music of Tony Joe White as an influence. Hell, most country music fans probably don’t even know the name Tony Joe White. The good thing though is Mark McKinney does and Mark would be a perfect fit to do a song popularized by White himself. ‘300 Pounds of Hongry’ is a tough song to cover (due to White’s distinctive deep voice and twang) but it’s a tune that McKinney could have real fun making his own. It’s making me ‘hongry’ just thinking of it.

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    Rich O'Toole

    Mary’s Place - as by Bruce Springsteen

    It’s a party song and, to me, Rich is one of the best party singers in Texas. That’s why this song would be perfect for him. Bruce’s version of ‘Mary’s Place’ already has a Texas sound to it, but the actual soul of Texas is what’s really missing from the song. Rich could bring that soul that’s needed on the track and have some left over to do ‘Atlantic City’ if he wanted to.

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    Thieving Birds

    Graveyard Shift - as by Uncle Tupelo

    The Thieving Birds flat out rock. They blend rock, country, folk and the blues into their sound. The first band that came to my mind for them to cover was Uncle Tupelo. Truthfully, those Thieving Birds could cover and Uncle Tupelo song without trouble, but it’s ‘Graveyard Shift’ that would really highlight what those boys from Fort Worth do so well.