The Dirty River Boys sold out their last two shows in Lubbock at the Blue Light. They're becoming more of a house hold name with music lovers in Lubbock and across the Lonestar State. While it's hard to classify their music, it's easy to fall in love with it.

The Dirty River Boys, who take their name from their hometown of El Paso and the Rio Grande river, were once Texas music's best kept secret. The more shows they played though, the more popular they got. It's not just with regular music fans, it's also a fond affection with their peers on the music scene.

The Dirty River Boys are favorites of Texas country legend Cory Morrow and one of the hottest bands on the Red Dirt scene in Turnpike Troubadours.

The DRB shows are one's that never disappoint. Though they only have two EP's out, their shows are never the same. You'll hear phenomenal original music and equally intriguing covers including songs from Blink 182, Ryan Adams, Hank3 and others.

"We don't want to play the same set every time we come to a place," said guitarist and vocalist Marco Gutierrez. "It just kind of gets boring for us and if it gets boring for us then it gets boring people who have seen us two or three times."

Hannah Buck, KQBR
Hannah Buck, KQBR

Boredom is one thing that music lovers and Dirty River Boys goers will never experience at one of their shows. The sound in unique to that of Texas Music. So unique that it's almost hard to really put your thumb on what it is.

"It's Outlaw Folk. That's what we are calling it. Others have labeled us Bluegrass or Rock or Americana. All we say is we're whatever we wanna be."

The fact that you can't really pinpoint what the Dirty River Boys are doesn't mean it's a bad thing. In fact it could be looked at as more of a positive than a negative. The fact that a band can musically reach a variety of different audiences is what every band should strive for, in this writer's opinion.

"You can't be predictable," said Cajon player and vocalist Travis Stearn. "You don't want to play to a crowd and disappoint anyone."

Predictable and disappointing are two words that will never be associated with for the Dirty River Boys. The fact that they aren't  the best kept secret in music is not a bad thing. Actually it's the complete opposite. They're the hottest name in Texas Music today because of everything mentioned in the article and much more.

Look for the Dirty River Boys to continue to take the music scene by storm. They just wrapped up a fantastic week at SXSW, where I ran into them, and they'll be back Lubbock before you know it.

Dirty River Boys - Boomtown

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