Lubbock always has a fantastic selection of live music for you to see throughout the week. Whether it be rock, blues, country or everything else under the sun, there is always someone good who rolls through the Hub City. August though has a slew of must see shows that you'll kick yourself for missing.

The shows range from traditional country to folk to blues to rock. They're bands you've heard of, bands you may not have gotten the chance to see yet and one that will absolutely blow your mind. Check out our selection of bands that you can't miss for the month of August in Lubbock.

  • Thieving Birds

    Friday, August 10, at Wild West

    They're one of Blake's favorite bands and they never disappoint. They're just a rock and roll band from Fort Worth that knows how to please a crowd. They've had songs climb up the Texas Music Chart, including "Stuck In Memphis" and their newest "Kentucky." Quite possibly the best new band to come out of the Dallas area in the past decade. Don't miss this low dough show at Wild West!

  • Rankin Twins

    Friday, August 17th, at the Office

    The Rankin Twins return to the Hub City riding high on their current single 'Rain'. The Rankin Twins are no longer up and comers in our books as they've solidified their names already on the Texas Country circuit. Their show offers up big sound, two-steppin' tunes and heart breaks you can cry into your be to while listening. They'll play with the talented Drew Womack, but it's the Rankin Twins who'll steal the show in our book.

  • Uncle Lucius

    Thursday, August 30th, at The Blue Light

    Uncle Lucius makes their return to Lubbock in support of their newest album, And You Are Me, which is set for an August 28th release. The boys from Uncle Lucius blend gritty song lyrics with a rugged and rough sound to deliver, quite possibly, a masterpiece of a live show. They favorites of Tech college students for a reason. Make sure you get to the show and catch this talented band and hear some of their new music. While you're at it, check out this old performance of 'Liquor Store' which I still watch religiously.

  • Not In The Face

    Thursday, August 30th, at The Blue Light

    I know what you're thinking. Aren't Uncle Lucius already playing the Blue Light on that night? Yes, they are, but it's the opening band of Not In The Face that i'm stoked to see. Their no holds barred, unapologetic rock and blues mixtures makes for an unreal show that you've never seen before. Plus, the name of the band is simply fantastic. The duo from Austin reminds you of the earlier work of the Black Keys, only edgier, more punk infused and ten times more energetic. Even though they're the opening band, they're the one band this writer is more pumped for.

  • Dirty River Boys

    Friday, August 31, at The Blue Light

    Lubbock favorites, the Dirty River Boys, return to Lubbock in a much anticipated show as they'll be in support of their newest album, that they've been working on for the past few months. Never a dull moment at a DRB show and it's honestly the only show I've seen at the Blue Light in which a band had three encores. The fans literally wouldn't let the band of the stage. Make sure you're in attendance for this one. Get there early though as they have sold out their show the last five appearances!

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