Coming up Wednesday, September 21 is the new Fox TV reality show, "The X-Factor". The show is a television franchise that started in the United Kingdom and has had so far, 53 winners around the world. And finally it comes to the U.S. Simon Cowell created this show and you'll remember the sparring we saw Cowell do with Paula Abdul when they were judges on "American Idol". What fun that was!

And Cowell tells "Redbook" magazine, "Probably my best friends in the world are the people I argue with the most, because they don't always say what you want to hear...From the minute I met Paula I was fascinated by her. She's a complex person, but--this is going to sound very American--she's got a great heart". Awwwww. "The X-Factor" website says the show differs from "Idol" in that each judge mentors finalists, aiding them in song selection and styling. Simon and Paula are both judges along with Nicole Scherzinger and Antonio "LA" Reid. Look out, I think it'll give "Idol" a run for the money.