Country hopeful Tate Stevens is 37 years old and chasing his dreams on 'X Factor.' But he is doing so with true country grit and undeniable talent. Stevens made it through to the live shows on the popular reality series, and is a member of mentor L.A. Reid's team. On Wednesday's (Nov. 7) live show, he impressed viewers with Bon Jovi's power ballad 'Wanted Dead or Alive.'

Before performing, Stevens revealed that for years, his wife was like a single mother raising their kids while he chased his dreams. Now, the stakes are higher and it's his family's dreams he is pursuing. Winning a show like this could mean big things for them as a whole.

Rather than go the predictable route and sing a country tune, he instead delivered a rock song this week and infused it with bonafide country charm, adding some twang for good measure. It worked -- and not just because the song lends itself to that interpretation. Stevens handled the song as if he wrote it and was a tried and true cowboy onstage.

'X Factor' is a show that's designed for a young winner, but even though he's nearing 40, Stevens isn't held back by his age. Pop stars might fare better on this show when they are younger, but the country crowd plays by an entirely different set of rules and will open its arms to Stevens, since his talent is so undeniable. He sounds like a country radio veteran already.

Britney Spears said it best when she referred to Stevens as a "slice of America." He is decidedly American and undoubtedly country. If country music fans are watching this show, they will happily vote for Stevens.

Watch Tate Stevens Perform 'Wanted Dead or Alive' on 'X Factor'

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