Country hopeful Tate Stevens fell from grace a little on 'X Factor' last week, dropping from the top slot on the leaderboard after occupying it for multiple weeks. He's out to recapture that crown, so he decided to change things up a little and do an upbeat song on Wednesday's (Nov. 28) episode -- something we haven't really seen from him in past weeks. He tackled Keith Urban's 'Somebody Like You' with a guitar strapped to him.

This week's approach to performing on 'X Factor' was about having fun, since Stevens has had some sombre, thoughtful moments in previous weeks. His mentor, L.A. Reid, said that when he first started working with Stevens, he was worried the country newcomer couldn't be an "entertainer," but this performance proved him wrong.

Stevens was like a country veteran, singing, playing guitar, and even grabbing his mic to walk around on the stage and interact with the crowd. He was pointing to the ladies in the audience and flirting with them, and also engaged in a two-step, which Simon Cowell asked him never do again. He may not be the best dancer, but Stevens sure can sing.

This was a different look for the 'X Factor' contestant, and he showed that he can do an uptempo track and be equally as believable as when he sings a ballad, which, up until now, had been his specialty.

Britney Spears declared, "I am sure we will see you accept a country music award one day," while Demi Lovato said he made her feel like she was back home in Texas at a BBQ.

We can't argue with her there.

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