If you live in Lubbock or any of the surrounding areas, you know that whenever severe weather hits the South Plains viewing area you need to tune into KFYO News or watch KAMC News' Ron Roberts.

Roberts is a meteorologist with over 30 years of experience and is known for his fun personality and how he just personifies the meteorologist lifestyle anytime so much as a drop of rain falls from the sky. But what happens when this living legend leaves Lubbock? We just found out.

People started to question where on Earth the weatherman was after a noticeable absences from KAMC television. Like many of us during the summer, Roberts simply went on vacation.

Where would someone who gives us the weather go to for vacation? Well, he went to the United Kingdom and apparently brought some of this West Texas heat with him. England is currently experiencing a record-setting heat wave. We could point the finger at global warming or Mother Nature, but maybe those record high temps could have something to do with the arrival of Mother Nature's nephew, AKA Ron Roberts.

Roberts seems to have enjoyed the natural and man-made parts of the United Kingdom, according to his recent social media posts. It's very great to see someone who works very hard on air and has made me laugh a few times during my news reporting intern days just taking a break and being a person.

My number one question to Roberts about his trip is, why didn't I get an invite? As someone who's obsessed with the UK, I could have been a great travel guide. I jest. Maybe someday I will go live my life like an Alice Osman novella, but not today.

We all wish Ron Roberts the best time and to not leave any other West Texas weather phenomenon behind while abroad. The queen definitely wouldn't want a haboob going near Buckingham Palace.

Enjoy some of Ron Roberts' European hijinks below:


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