Picture this: it's a beautiful Sunday in Lubbock, Texas. The year is 1997. You're 8 years old, and church service has finally ended. You wake up from napping on your mom's lap and scurry out the door and to the car with your brother.

Your folks tag behind you a little bit slower because they don't want any elders to notice just how ready all of you were to get out of there. It was an extra long sermon and the free donuts didn't carry anyone through till the end. Even the preacher seemed like he was watching the clock.

Everyone's stomachs are growling. Everyone is hangry. It's a drastic shift from the peaceful praise and worship songs you were all singing moments before.

Grandma took the day off from making cabbage rolls and casserole at her house and now all of you only have a matter of minutes to decide where to go eat if you want to beat Lubbock's Sunday lunch crowd.

I bet you guys probably chose one of these 10 Lubbock restaurants our parents used to take us to when we were growing up.

10 Lubbock Restaurants Our Parents Took Us to Growing Up

Some of these places are long gone, but a lot of them are still blowing and going today. Did we miss any important ones that need to be mentioned? Comment on our Facebook page if you have another great Lubbock restaurant and let's keep the nostalgia going.

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