It’s hard to ignore a country music video that’s had over 3.3 million hits on the web, but that’s not the only thing that’s earned Veronica Ballestrini the spot for featured artist of the week.

With her looks and the sound of her voice, this gal could have easily picked to go completely pop instead of country, but thankfully something kept some sense in her head!

Veronica Ballestrini is only 20 years old and is from Waterford, Connecticut.

No, it’s true that you probably have never heard of her way out here in Lubbock, TX, but there are people all over the world who have because of that little thing known as ‘Social Media’.

Veronica is a smart girl, utilizing the internet to her advantage including her own website, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and, of course, YouTube. These resources have helped her fan base grow exponentially and staying true to old-fashioned politicking methods has proven worth her while.

"I spend about four hours a day answering messages from fans," she reveals on her website. "Every message I get, I answer myself."

If you check out a couple of her music videos on YouTube, you’ll notice immediately that she’s strumming the guitar to her own tunes and has a bit of flare that is all her own.

"It's just a different style of Country music," she says. "Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood - they all have their own style."

All of the artists she just named have been extremely successful in country, so she’s made another smart move by taking cues from them to just be herself in her own music.

See a few of her videos below to sample her music. Her debut album, ‘What I’m All About,’ is now available on iTunes.


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