Meet Kimberly Dunn, this week's featured artist of the week.

Kimberly Dunn is Blake's Featured Artist of the Week and boy are you guys in for a treat!

"The first thing that gets you about country singer Kimberly Dunn is her friendly and spunky personality. Then, when she starts strumming her guitar and singing in a country voice both tender and powerful, you're hooked."

...Or so it says at her website. What caught our eye is that she is a Texas girl singing Texas country like a seasoned performer and daring to dream big and make a splash in the male dominated genre of Texas Country.

She writes her own material and plays her own guitar and obviously has a fierce passion for the music she is so determined to own.

Kimberly attended Texas A&M where she won the Battle of the Bands that got her career kick started.  Here's what's cool about that story, she was the only sole performer in the competition and each performance on that stage were her first performances EVER! She is undeniably, naturally talented and has an act for this gig as a performer.

"We knew from the first downbeat that we wanted to get involved with Kimberly." says Will Harrison of Up and Out Artists. Kimberly's debut EP was produced by Harrison, who also works as an engineer at Ray Benson's Bismeaux Recording Studio in Austin.

Be sure and tune in on Thursday, Sept. 20th, because this Texas gal is going to be IN STUDIO for an interview and you'll have a chance to see her perform live at The Blue Light that evening (she definitely sounds like one of those singers you don't wanna miss perform live so make plans to be there).

So now that we've got you on the edge of your seats, check out Kimberly's music!

When you love it, you can download it at iTunes.

Kimberly Dunn - 'Common As the Rain'

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