Who needs boy bands when two good-lookin' guys are serenading you with their voices and guitars? Love and Theft is this week's Featured Artist of the Week!

Most of you recognize these two beautiful faces from their hit single, 'Angel Eyes', but get excited because there is a new single coming out soon called, 'Real Good Sign'. You can hear the exclusive release on The Boot.com.

Together, they are Love and Theft, but separate they are Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles. Ironically, they are both southern boys raised in the Bible Belt and both had prominent up bringings in the church with both of their father figures being pastors.

The two didn't actually meet until they were both in their 20's, but agree on the direction they want their music to go. On their website, loveandtheft.com, they say, “Our sound will always be driven by harmonies.” When the two agree, it's obvious, that musical magic happens!

Their charisma, musical talent, and (let's face it, ladies) their good looks have landed them on this week Featured Artist List !

Check out their music video for 'Angel Eyes' below:

Angel Eyes

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