With Lonestar's Shotgun Wedding Giveaway valued at more then $8,000, you may be wondering what a typical wedding costs these days.

Weddings have almost doubled in cost in the last ten years and gotten much more complicated, according to a recent article in USA Today! The addition of modern technology gives couples tons of ideas to add to the wedding that barely existed ten years ago.

Everything from drone photography to a personalized hashtag and website can add new dimensions to today's weddings. While this sounds great, you may wonder how a busy couple keeps up? It turns out that a top notch wedding also includes a great wedding planner!

Ten years ago an average wedding cost $16,000 and had 110 guests, now that number is more like $28.000! Additionally, in the past, less than 10% held weddings out of state now more than a third of weddings ask their guests to travel.

Today's couples also have longer engagements, most likely because of the details of a customized wedding. Save the dates are sent by mail, almost half have a theme and a personalized cocktail. Is it any wonder that more than one third of today's couples feel pressure to have the perfect wedding and almost one third hire a wedding planner?!

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