Shotgun Wedding Rings From Paramount Jewelers

The happy Shotgun Wedding bride and groom have won their rings from Paramount Jewelers in the South Plains Mall.

This beautiful new Lubbock jewelry store goes above and beyond for their customers, and our 2018 Shotgun Wedding winners couldn't be happier with their beautiful rings.

The groom, Waylon, placed the engagement ring on bride Kristi's finger at Paramount Jewelers Friday. It was a very special moment we were able to capture in the pictures above.

The store manager Sam described the rings for us. He said they were 10-carat white gold with a 1-carat (SI quality) diamond for the bride, and 20 points of diamond for the groom's band. He said it was very well made and manufactured by Paramount Jewelers, which includes a lifetime guarantee.

Kristi and Waylon will exchange wedding rings this Sunday, June 17, 2018, at Four Bar K at their Lonestar 99.5 Shotgun Wedding ceremony.


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