Keith Urban Announces 2013 Tour! [VIDEO]
Keith Urban has, by far, announced his new 2013 tour the MOST CREATIVE WAY! He and his opening acts (BIG COUNTRY STARS TOO) star in a 'music video' of many songs to announce the new tour and list 25 stops of the first leg, including Dallas and Houston!
Happy Halloween from Blake! Stay Safe Tonight! [VIDEO]
Tonight's going to ROCK!!! Time to get all dressed up and get all that Halloween candy! But parents that also means it's time to refresh your kids minds on some safety tips to really help the night go off without a stitch. Get all your safety details inside.
Iron Man 3 Trailer Will Put You On The Edge of Your Seat! [VIDEO]
The Avenger's stole the number one all-time box office sales spot and has now been released on DVD and Blue-Ray to continue to knock your socks off. Well, get ready Marvel Fans because the story for Tony Stark continues in May 2013 with Iron Man 3 and the trailer alone is enough to only leave y…

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