Recently, and I'm sure you've seen this video going viral all over Facebook and YouTube, a mother was videoed holding down her toddler while a man tattoos his arm. It's appalling, but then you see she has no issue with it. So is doing something like this, that she sees as 'okay' okay or are some parents just crazy? oh yes...there's more videos.

I honestly could not believe the video before I watched it. A mom holding down her son while he's screaming his head off because a man is tattooing his arm.

The sad truth is that this was not the only video of it's kind! So here's the question for you: Are these parents below crazy or are they allowed to do these things to their children because they believe it's okay?

The line is between what's okay to decide for your child as their parent and what's not okay to allow to your child even if you think it is.

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