With names like Michael Crichton, John Williams, and Steven Spielberg on the ticket, the movie had to become an INSTANT classic and it did! Now, with XD and 3D movies making it big in theaters, Jurassic Park is going to have it's due back in theaters soon!

I have seen this movies hundreds of times. Out of all of the Jurassic Park films, the first one has always been my favorite. The music, the story, the dinosaurs! It's just an awesome movie and it's coming back to movie theaters!!!

Everything you love about Jurassic Park will be larger, louder, and in your face when it comes back to the silver screen in 3D. Be looking for it to hit this April!

I was so impressed with this movie trailer. Like I said before, I've seen this movie hundreds of times, but this trailer is so awesome, it makes me want to watch it over and over, again!