As a part of a promotion at Brandon University, one lucky student has recently won FREE tuition for a year! This video is awesome!

Spontaneous half court shots to win the game are astonishing and VERY exciting to witness. Rarely is it seen for an actual attempt at it to be made, but here's one video that shows just that!

Matt Packwood/Brandon University Athletics

If there was ever one shot to count for something, Mason Kaluzniak, a student at BU, made the best choice in picking the university's head coach to shoot it for him!

BU wrapped up a promotional on Friday night that gave students a chance to win free tuition for a year. The lucky students had been taking the shots themselves, but the final shot had to be shot by another of their choosing.

That's right! The final night, Mason could pick ANYONE from the gym and he chose head coach Gil Cheung to make the shot.

Watch this amazing video of Coach Cheung sinking the shot and winning Mason free tuition!