So it's only Wednesday, but I think it's the perfect opportunity to get your groove thang movin'! Why not? The middle of the week calls for a little extra help getting through! Check these out!

Alyssa here, I'm in a bit of a slump, too. Ready for the weekend and it's ONLY WEDNESDAY!! So I've decided to share a secret with you about how I keep my weekly momentum going to carry me through to Friday....... DANCE PARTY!!

(Keep in mind, I get to spend time in my studio alone with youtube and a whole computer system full of jams! Emphasis on the ALONE part ha ha)

You gotta turn up the pump up music and shake your booty a bit, not a WHOLE LOT, but definitely enough to make you feel silly and smile :)

To help get the inspiration going, I've included 5 AWESOME viral dance videos to enjoy!


2. Gangnam Style

3. A classic: The Thriller

4. OK GO!