Ummm.... we're wondering if you'll be as confused by this as we are. Blake has heard of 'Pop Goes Rock' by Pop goes....Country??? Maybe in Taylor Swift's case, but Ke$ha is definitely not a star we'd pick to join the good side of the force!


You'll have to let us know what you think because we're still not sure.

We saw this on YouTube and thought, "Oh, cool. They'll slow it down and give it a bluesy, Country feel" ....nope. They went backwoods, hick, saloon parlor piano, with a fiddle on it.

Bravo on the musicianship, at least. We know we wouldn't be able to play like that, but let's put the breaks on any hopes of it going platinum. I think we're thinking this song should've stayed pop where it belongs with Ke$ha.

Better luck next time, maybe.