Amy Lee

Holiday TV Programs 2013
It's just another tradition for most families - gathering around the TV and watching the classic Christmas programs on network TV.
Super Cute Dancing 2 Year Old
The other day I was "checking the headlines" on Facebook and I came across this video that my sister posted of a 2 year old dancing.
Christmas Fun For The Family 2013
With Christmas right around the corner I am sure that you are looking for exciting Christmas activities to do with your family!   After searching every Christmas Holiday event in Lubbock, here is a list of 10 events I think you would enjoy...
Best and Worst Careers in 2013
So I was cruising through Facebook the other day and I came across this link that a friend of mine posted that intrigued me so I thought I would pass it along to you.
What’s in Amy Lee’s DVR
It's not too often that I get to sit down during the week to watch TV so I am a DVR professional!  Of course, I end up letting things stack up in my DVR before I'm able to watch the shows.  Here's what's currently in my DVR I haven't had a chance to see - so DON&ap…
Weekly Whine – The “One Upper”
We have all been the victim of the "One Upper".  You know, that person that listens to your story and then follows it with a story of how the same same thing happened to them but it was 10 times better/worse/more exciting.
Carrie Underwood – Sound of Music
One of my favorite things would be musicals - I LOVE musicals!!  But couple musicals with two more of my favorite things, country star Carrie Underwood and True Blood's Stephen Moyer and you can bet I am one giddy girl!
Thanksgiving with Amy Lee
Everyone’s family has a touch of dysfunction and my family is no different. So I thought I would give you a glimpse of how Thanksgiving went for my dysfunctional family this year.
Amy Lee’s Weekly Whine – Shopping Mall Standstill
Well - as the Holiday Shopping season is now upon us - let me give you another reason that I am pulling my hair out.
Weekly Whine - Shopping Mall Standstill
If you're like me, when you go shopping for Christmas you know exactly what you're going to get and where you're going to get it..…
Who Is Amy Lee?
So - who is this 'Amy Lee' chick?  Well - I figure that I've been talking to you through the radio every morning for the last few weeks that I should probably give you a little more information about myself!