We have all been the victim of the "One Upper".  You know, that person that listens to your story and then follows it with a story of how the same same thing happened to them but it was 10 times better/worse/more exciting.Really - it is SO frustrating listening to the exaggerations of someone else.  If you tell a story about riding in a turbulent airplane - the "One Upper" will then share a story about how they not only rode on a turbulent airplane, but that their airplane ride consisted of space travel and a crash landing in the ocean where the "One Upper" was the only survivor and swam 800 miles to the nearest secluded island while battling sharks and living off of berries for 6 years before being rescued.

Really??  REALLY!!!  I don't understand this mentality.  Do you "One Up" every story you hear because you are starving for attention?  Is this just a side effect of an overactive imagination?  Maybe you weren't hugged enough as a kid?  I don't know, but what you should know is that people do not believe your crazy space travel stories so stop it!

However - if you still feel you need to exaggerate something, then please pour me an exaggerated glass of wine!