A winter storm is rockin' the South Plains and while many schools are shutting down early today - LISD has chosen to stay open and some are NOT happy about this. The reason LISD has chosen to keep their schools in session during this winter storm is because "an early dismissal means students are left without appropriate supervision and transportation".  You can read the statement from LISD by clicking here.

While watching social media today after this announcement, I am surprised by the amount of people that are extremely upset about this!  See, LISD simply said that they would not be dismissing classes early and closing their doors, but that it was perfectly acceptable to pick your child up early should you want to.

Am I missing something?  What's the problem here?  Personally, I say THANK YOU LISD for having the foresight to know that there are some children right here in Lubbock, TX that are faced with the sad reality of not having a safe environment to go to when the school shuts down early.

THANK YOU LISD for giving parents the option to come and pick up their child from school early but not FORCING us to do so, thereby allowing parents to take their time to get there safely instead of rushing to get there before the school closes.

And for those that find fault in LISD giving parents the best of both worlds - well, you clearly haven't seen some of the harsh realities some of our children live.  I have.  So again, THANK YOU LISD.  "Every Child Every Day" (which includes winter storm days)