What should you do if you get caught out in the thick of a hail storm?

As storm and hail season is upon us, protecting your home and your vehicle is something that is on everyone's mind.

I've been caught out in the thick of a hail storm before and it's scary. It was just starting to hail and I wanted to get home, looking back I realize I should have stayed put and waited it out. Best advice is don't do what I did, wait it out in a safe location.I wish I would have known some of the advice I have here for you, at the time!

If you're caught by surprise out there keep a plan of action in mind for serious storms, I did a little digging to come up with some good things to know and bear in mind in tough weather.

According to my research some basic advice from a variety of sources includes: slow down, pull your vehicle under cover if possible, pull over and stay in your vehicle,face your windshield into the hail, and lie down in the center of your vehicle with your back to the windows in case your windows become shattered  Once the storm has passed proceed with caution!

Plan ahead as best you can. Don't panic out there. Stay focused and stay safe in hail and storm season!



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