In Texas, there are always animals that are on the roadside. Some would say they're the result of "hit-and-run" accidents. But, not all Texas towns go all-out for the animals. But, one Southeast Texas town has gone above and beyond to honor a fallen animal.

The town of Buna, Texas is currently mourning the loss of a wild armadillo named Sylvester Dillo. Sylvester was apparently struck by a car. Nothing out of the ordinary there, right? Well, Sylvester received his own roadside memorial. Check it out:

Photo Credit: Bob Tarver
Photo Credit: Bob Tarver

But, it didn't end there. The local newspaper was even a part of this. The Buna Beacon printed an actual obituary in their publication. Read it below:

Sylvester Dillo of Buna was killed in a hit and run accident Friday, October 16th, 2020. His body was found on the side of Hwy 96N between the Buna General Store and J5 Tractors. He leaves behind a wife of 20 years, 86 children, and an untold number of grandchildren. He Loved his family, Donald Trump, drinking beer, running cars off of the road, listening to a little Eddie Van Halen, and an occasional puff off a black and mild. He never met a stranger, and would give you the shell off his back. A memorial service will be held for him at EE Stringer Funeral Home in Buna along with burial at Antioch Cemetery in Buna at a later time due to the ongoing investigation surrounding his death.

Instead of sending flowers or planting a tree the family asks that any funds that would have been spent be donated to Buna Independent School District for a Driver's Education Program so that such a needless death does not happen again.

There you have it. Sylvester Dillo will be missed by the people of Buna, and of Southeast Texas.

RIP Sylvester...

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