When it comes to tornado safety there have been differing safety theories. The one that I am glad to find debunked is the 'ditch theory'.

I remember years ago when I lived in Dallas, and we would get regular tornado warnings with announcements regarding safety that included  being advised to get into the nearest ditch.

I never liked this idea and had decided that taking cover in an interior room was the plan for me, in case of tornado emergency. Somehow I just couldn't imagine going out in the middle of the night in a storm and climbing down into a ditch. Nothing about this idea felt safe to me!

I was sure relieved when I found this Popular Mechanics article that has debunked the advise, noting that not only are you exposing yourself to the elements but since the storms can be accompanied by flash flooding you are at even greater risk in a ditch!

Keep an ear on your radio for weather warnings! Top safety advise I've found is to get to a basement or interior room, the bathroom can be best, or under a heavy table for cover, stay away from windows and keep alert.

Have an emergency plan and stay safe in storm season !



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