Who are the people voting on who wins an Academy Award? It's the tally of the voting membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. A recent study by the Los Angeles Times shows that of the 5,765 members, 5,100 are white and 77% are male, 54% are over 60. The article says the "white and old" voter bias may explain why little-watched films like "The King's Speech" won and a "Harry Potter" film was not even nominated.

But who knows if it's the member who's actually voting? For instance, actor Denzel Washington is one of the voting members and says his wife Pauletta watches all the movies, then marks his ballot for him. He tells this site, "I'll be honest with you. I watch some of them but she watches them all. She's like 'Oh no, no, no--you don't want to put that one down'".

We'll find out Sunday night, February 26, on ABC TV, just how the voting turned out. Here's an excellent video montage of those films nominated this year for Best Picture.