If you haven't heard about the Wendy's and Pure Water Company's 4th and Frankford sign battle, then you've been living under a rock. This went as far as Time Magazine online and included Buzzfeed, The Chive and many other online purveyors of viral-ness. But now, it's over.

There were rumors, at first, that when Wendy's sign went blank for a few days someone locally called to complain about the content of the signage. And it totally sounded like something that a more crotchety resident of our town might have done.

However, officially, sources say that for some reason it was the head corporate offices for Wendy's that ended it. So we'll just have to move on with our lives now and look back fondly on a really creative and fun thing making good news for Lubbock nationally.

It all started with Pure Water's sign claiming a Wendy's sign "looked familiar." The rest is sign history.


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