This Richard Gere remark makes you think of the old cowboy saying, "better to dance with the one that brung ya". Seems he was interviewed recently by Australian Women's Day and said the film,"Pretty Woman", credited with enhancing his and Julia Roberts' careers, was "a silly romantic comedy" that was the "least favorite thing" he's ever done. He trashed his character saying it made greedy Wall Street types "seem dashing, which was so wrong".


I don't know about you, but I usually will watch this film or at least parts of it over and over. I don't know what it is about it other than the characters are just fun characters set in an pretty unbelievable situation. I mean I really don't know how many "ladies of the night" look like Julia Roberts, but I'd venture to guess "zero".

And for that matter, how many good-looking Richard Geres fall into the multimillionaire status? Yeah, it's silly...and romantic...and did have some hilarious parts. So, I'm watching it again. And Gere can go on dissing it yet at the same time collecting his royalty check. And probably take a nip at the hand that's feeding him. Here's a collection of funny bloopers from that classic movie.