So quite literally as my title states, we may not realize it but we are very fortunate to live in the second largest state in the US, for a number of reasons. Friendly people, great restaurants, vacation spots and so on and so forth. I came to love and appreciate my great state all over again after conversing with someone who recently moved to this country. 


fast food-that was the #1 thing that my friend mentioned. They were quite surprised of all the options we have here. She had never heard of Whataburger, Texas Burger or Rosa's. (blasphemy!) Fast food is actually not much of a thing where she comes from, much less finding a burger, chicken, burrito place on every corner!


weather-is it just me or does weather come up in every conversation that you have with someone who is new to Texas? It is so funny but so true and we are just used to it. Everyone has something to say about not just the heat but dry heat. The topic of weather usually comes up followed by, 'I love that I can wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts year-round here!'

Thermometer Sun 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures

things to do-my friend said she is in awe of the theme parks (Six Flags, Fiesta Texas), the water parks, (Schlitterbahn, Kalahari Resorts, Epic Waters) and even the Major League baseball and football stadiums we have here in Texas. She has a point. There is plenty of family fun throughout our great state!

Child with mother on water slide at aquapark

friendly folks-I personally have never been to the east coast but I have 'heard' that they are not the friendliest region of the US. And not even because they don't want to be, only because they are busy. Always on the go, just trying to reach their destination and have no time to exchange pleasantries. You know how it is here. A tip of the hat, a wave, a one-finger salute (no not that finger lol) while passing each other on the road is not unusual. Need directions? Ask anyone, they will gladly help ya out!

Jacob Wackerhausen


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