Coming up soon will be the sequel to a highly successful film of the 1980s, "Twins" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. The new film is entitled "Triplets" and will bring in comedian Eddie Murphy as a third sibling. Universal Pictures heads are hoping the new endeavor will be as successful as the first with "Twins" grossing more than $200 million worldwide. No director has been named for "Triplets" but MTV is  is saying Ivan Reitman would be on board as a producer.


I am really looking forward to this not only because Eddie Murphy is one of my favorite comedians, but also I really liked the original movie "Twins". Critics are saying it could be a turning point for all three entertainers. Maybe it'll be a boon for Murphy who is coming off yet another box office bomb ("A Thousand Words"). Scharzenegger has had such bad p/r from that nasty split from his wife and DeVito, other than his successful vocal work on "The Lorax", has not had a solid movie hit lately.

Physically, the three guys are worlds apart and that just might be the element that makes the new movie work. It was the uniqueness that made "Twins" such a box office smash. Here's the trailer from that very funny film, "Twins", and it makes me anxious to see what they do with "Triplets".