I just heard of yet another incident where someone had a gun pulled on them while driving.

I don't even understand why people rage so much. I'll start with one obvious fact and that's: no one wakes up with the intent of wrecking your car or hurting you. Here's another item that should be obvious. No one will 'learn how to drive' from you pointing a pistol at them. Did you get that?

There are some cases of someone intentionally being a jerk. Maybe they think you were tailgating and then started hitting their breaks. Even in those cases I highly doubt the person coming too close to you thought, 'I'm going to get up in this guy's business' without provocation.

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All of this is to say that almost all incidents are a misunderstanding or the result of someone not paying enough attention. It's not a situation of someone saying 'I wanna go wreck into someone's car today.'

I go through the same traffic problems a lot of you go through and I've learned to just think, 'oh, that poor stupid person' and just move on. Even then, the person may not even be stupid, but thinking of them as too dumb to drive is much better than thinking that they set out to attack me.

Calming the road rage out there is well within our control. The true jerks who cut in and out of traffic or look to start problems will see their habits catch up with them in the form a cop, or an accident, so there's just no need to make it all so personal.

Settle down, turn up the radio and enjoy that drive. That's what we're here for.

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