Sneak Peek: The UFO for the Lubbock Arts Festival
Are you ready to be "beamed up?"
The Lubbock Arts Festival is this weekend at the Lubbock Civic Center. The theme is "Out Of This World" with art and opportunities with a "space-vibe". Now, let's keep in mind that that's the featured the…
Texas Tanks COVID-19 Comeback
We still have some fighting back to do.
WalletHub puts Texas as 38th in the "States Recovering Quickest From COVID" survey. This is surprising to me because I thought that although we were on a tricky path in some ways we were generally doing better...
Joyland Closes Due to Insane Flooding
Joyland was drenched in Monday's storms.
I don't know about your neighborhood, but North Lubbock was stomped by Monday night's rainstorms. I personally have never had as much water flood into my front porch and garage area as I did that night...

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