Lubbock’s Best Things Ever: University Records
Oh kids, gather 'round your radio for a tale of the good ol' days.
There was a time when your "record store guy" was one of the most important people in your life. They were the bridge between what was hot in the underground and what was rockin' the radio...
Attention Lubbock! You Must Dial All Ten Digits Beginning October 25th
Here's a pain in the cell that you may not have been expecting.
If you have someone's name programmed into your phone with just seven numbers, get ready for some error messages. On October 25th, seven-digit numbers become a thing of the past
Sure, it's no big deal once you have those numbers in the ph…
Historic Rise In SNAP Food Benefits Still A Joke
The headlines say it's a "historic rise," but it's really not that much.
About 42 million Americans rely on SNAP food benefits. They get about $125 a month, which breaks down to $1.39 a meal. You go ahead and tell me you can live on that...

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