This used to be the place to party.

New West was the club to go to if you wanted something other than country. You may even remember that I used to tag all of their commercials with "Where 34th and Slide Collide," which was a bit I actually picked up from a Dallas Club that had a rhyming tag. I believe it's the space where the CVS is now.

Let's start with what New West was known for: the open bar. You'd pay the cover and from 7 to 10 p.m., you drank like you never drank before. Us young party hounds would get a drink, then go to the back of the line to get another drink. New West had a lot of drink stations, but with a deal like this the lines were long (though I certainly don't remember the bartenders intentionally dragging their feet).

New West was the original home for the FMX Birthday Bash, and things got wild. At Birthday Bash no. 1, I pinned a guy to a wall with a baseball bat for messing with one of the other DJs. Why did I have a baseball bat? Well, for the tequila bat races, of course.

We'd line folks up on one side of the stage, have them run down to the other, spin around with a bat on the floor and their heads and then try to run back, which usually resulted in the running lopsided into the crowd. Hilarious. We also did Big Wheel Races and other drinking games.

New West also held its share of concerts before opening a sister club next door that hosted most of them. I remember an epic Cheap Trick show there, but most of all the focus was drinking and a huge dance floor. Anyone who was ever there said, 'oh, man!' the minute I mentioned that legendary open bar.

New West was certainly one of the best things ever.

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