I hope to shine a spotlight on the many good things we have and have had here in the Hub City.

For those of you who don't know, The Depot Warehouse, South Beach, and Einsteins were in the area where the Buddy Holly Statute is now. Seeing them raised was one of the most heartbreaking things ever for the rockers in this town.

Let's work in reverse order. Einstien's was on one side. It was a little sandwich shop with a room for live music in the back. It was an excellent place to check out local bands. On the far side of the building/complex was South Beach (but it went by other names). Occasionally rock shows were expanded to include that room, but it was mostly a dance club.

The real story, and the real gem,  was the Depot Warehouse.

The room was a long rectangle with a stage on one side, and eventually some raised seating on the back. The stage and front door would be where the street now called Crickets is, with the bar on the right side if you're watching the action. The bar eventually was done with tickets inside some poured acrylic. It was a sweet bit of rock and roll memorabilia.

One of the not-so-savory aspects of the club where the restrooms that were shared with Einsteins back room. Not only were there not enough spots to whiz in, but you also had to line up in a tiny hallway and try to stay out of the way with the people being admitted into the club. I still remember the horrifying humidity, heat and stench coming out of those bathrooms. It was one of those things where you needed to get in line before you needed to evacuate in order to have a chance of making it on time.

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Every up-and-coming band played the Warehouse, and it was home to many legendary shows, including the infamous Cowboys From Hell show, which people eventually realized actually was Pantera playing a warm-up show. Kid Rock played the venue as part of one of our Birthday Bashes, and it was also the place where the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow was stopped mid-show and had some performers arrested.

The Depot Warehouse was certainly one of the best things ever in Lubbock.

If you happen to have any pictures of The Depot Warehouse, please send an email to Wes Nessman for possible inclusion in a future articles. We've already spoken to one of the owner/operators and come up empty.

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