I asked my friends a simple question: "If the Food Network came to Lubbock, which local restaurants should they go to?"

I'm presenting to you the answers that came back to that question. All I asked was that they include one sentence as to "why" they chose the restaurant(s) they chose. Other than that, here are some raw opinions from your friends and neighbors on who should be featured on the Food Network.


1) I have never eaten anything from there that I didn’t like. I even learned to like kimchi from there; 2) if you order the right entrees, you get all the traditional Korean side dishes (banchan); 3) the customer service is amazing, as the owner always remembers us when we visit; and 4) the portions and price are also right on the money. Pun intended - N. Harpster


The food is always on point and the staff is amazing - I. Klafka

98th & Slide Hot Spots (three suggestions)

The new New Brooklyn place: The fried meatballs are the bomb! 

Back 40: Nachos are stacked with all the love on each individual chip!

Gator's Bayou: Best crawfish bisque, especially with a side of a grilled cheese or hushpuppies! - D. Robinson

Miss Ann's Dinner on 34th Street

The staff is always friendly, and the food is always good.-D. Mitchell

Cast Iron Grill

Everything is made from scratch. Everything is delicious and the service is amazing. You will not leave disappointed.- B. Rogers

Chopped And Sliced

I think Chopped and Sliced is the most underrated bbq in town! I have never gotten anything bad there. Amazing sides and that potbelly burger is to die for. And the absolute best potato salad in town. - S. Kelly

Chez Sami

Formerly known as the Tamale Lady. Exciting menu, well executed - J. Villiegas


Because the B4 huevos are the best in town! I get mine covered in shredded cheese. It’s heavenly! -A. Farthing


The kindest people and the BEST Mediterranean/Lebanese in town.-C.Taylor


Cuz the breakfast enchiladas kick ass! - R. Rarcia

The LCU Cafe

Cause it's the best in town and 3rd best college food in Texas! - R. White

Montelongo's Mexican Restaurant

Their hot sauce kicks ass. - N. Narbez


Carne guisada burrito - S. Hinojosa

Bonus Burgers

Because it’s a damn good burger - B. Caudle, Jr.

Tommy’s Hamburgers

It’s original and damn good burgers! - R.Rushing


They make the best soups - J. Lowery

Burrito Tower

Very authentic Mexican food. - J. Lowery

El Charro

Their enchiladas suizas remind me of my grandma’s. - C. Pitttman


Nuff said. - J. Forbus

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