As a parent, the most frightening realization is that you can't always protect your sweet baby from the dangers of this world. This is especially true when they're young, curious and have not developed a true understanding of what may or may not be a hazard.

Each day, drowning takes the lives of an average of 11 children under the age of 14, with children ages one through four having the highest drowning rates in the United States. This statistic is terrifying, but what if I told you it was preventable and that there were resources right here in the Hub City that would give your child the tools they need to survive an unexpected fall into a pool or lake?

At the ripe age of 16 months, we signed my sweet baby up for these lifesaving lessons and I can tell you first hand that the results are mind boggling. Here's what to expect from this amazing course and why you should consider signing your toddlers up.

Infact Aquatics of Lubbock
Credit: Heidi Kaye, Townsquare Media

Survival Swimming Classes

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it's recommended to wait until your child’s first birthday to start swimming lessons, but if your little one is anything like mine, their mobility may start sooner. That is why the experts at Infant Aquatics of Lubbock offer lessons to infants as young as six months old. The only requirement is that they must be able to sit up unassisted.

Infant Aquatics of Lubbock -- Survival Swim Lessons

Over the period of four to six weeks, your baby will have individualized 10-minute lessons four times per week with a certified instructor who will not only teach them to float, but to do so while in full winter gear. While you may be thinking, "what the heck is my baby going to learn in 10 minutes?" you'll be surprised.

Owner and Certified Infant Aquatic Instructor Jordan Dunlap offers classes year-round and is passionate about giving kids the knowledge they need to survive any situation. Dunlap personally teaches your child how to hold their breath underwater, flip over once submerged, and then rest and breathe when in a safe position.

Infant Aquatics of Lubbock
Credit: Heidi Kaye, Townsquare Media

For the slightly older students like my son, they will also learn to swim to safety. Did I mention that Dunlap also owns a CPR company? This added bonus gives you peace of mind that your child will truly be taken care of during these sessions. Plus, I can tell you first hand that Dunlap is amazing with the kids and tailors each lessons to their specific needs and the progress they have made throughout the course.

The Amazing Outcome

The final test is a nerve-wracking one that will astound you. I watched my son plummet into water in two regular diapers, a swim diaper, pants, socks, shoes, a long sleeve shirt and a coat.

Within seconds, he flipped himself over and was floating like a champ. He also gained an affinity for water, so needless to say, group lessons are in our future.

Best of all, they've found that just 10 minutes in the water for a young child is equivalent to an adult spending 40 minutes in the deep end treading water. Added bonus: not only did my son gain a spectacular life skill, but he also took four to five-hour naps after every lesson.

Still Not Sure? Here's Why You Should Sign Up

While some may argue that they don't have a pool so learning this skill is unnecessary at this time, what happens if your child slips through the fence and falls into your neighbor's pool? What if you're visiting family and they sneak out the door while dear old dad is bringing in the burgers? How about when you send them on a field trip and they fall into a decorative pond?

"Drowning does not discriminate," Dunlap stressed. "It doesn't matter if it's winter. It doesn't matter if it's summer. It doesn't matter if they're six months or five years old. We need to be prepared and have our kids prepared at any given moment."

Every second counts, and as few as 30 seconds can be the difference between life and death. Swimming is an ability that will stick with them throughout their lifetime. Invest in their future and your peace of mind.

Dunlap also stated that "if parents are thinking about lessons and are still on the fence, just to come watch one of our lessons. Get in contact with an instructor. See when a good time is and just come watch one of our lessons because I feel like once you watch it, there's no turning back."

More information on classes can be found at Infant Aquatics of Lubbock's website, or you can call them at: (806) 412-4727.

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