Calling all Halloween lovers in Lubbock, this new cocktail is for you.

I heard the awesome news that a local restaurant was offering a limited-time cocktail so I had to check it out for you guys. I'm happy to say it lives up to the hype.

If you're looking for an Instagram-worthy drink right here in Lubbock, this is it. You can now get what the restaurant is calling the IT drink only in the month of October.

The Funky Door has always been known to have good drinks, but this one might take the cake for them -- and not just because the drink actually tastes like a wedding cake. Zak Britton, the beverage director for The Funky Door, came up with this spooky drink. According to Britton, it was a last-minute thing he kind of stumbled on.

"We have an edible printer which prints on sugar and it tastes like a vanilla wafer, and that's why I did the face on it," said Britton.

In the drink is vanilla vodka, white chocolate liquor, cream to coco, and half and half. This drink costs $12 and is just another fun thing to do in Lubbock this Halloween season.

The Funky Door says they've already seen a lot of people ordering this drink. They prep the balloons, but they seem to always sell out, so if you want an IT drink, get there early.

"We probably ran out of the balloons in the first hour so we had people actually coming in to just take the picture. Lots of balloons in the ceiling too," said Britton.

If vodka isn't your thing, they have another fun cocktail that also kind of looks spooky. It's a whiskey drink called Sheriff Cage.

Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media
Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media

This will be the first of many for The Funky Door. Keep an eye out because they already have some more fall and winter fun cocktails coming in the future.

You can find The Funky Door at 6801 Milwaukee Ave. in Lubbock, Texas.

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