Okay, some of you are out of your gourd!

Don't tell Texas Tech fans that the game is over; they're still doing what they can to support the home team.

I still can't believe "horns down" is a thing. Now, I'm not necessarily saying "horns down" is a bad thing. It's just crazy that it'll get you an unsportsmanlike penalty when you're playing the University of Texas. That's just plain ridiculous.

Beating the Longhorns in Lubbock was a big thing for Texas Tech, and it happened at exactly the right moment. Texas Tech fans have always hated the Longhorns. Then they up and left the Big 12 (at least they scheduled their exit). You have to remember that the loss of a Texas rivalry is a loss of TV revenue and exposure. Hopefully, Texas Tech is making enough waves on their own to not need that payday out of Austin. Heck, we've got our own program and great supporters like Patrick Mahomes supporting the team.

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With all of this in mind, I wasn't too surprised to find the following picture on a friend's website. I'm not saying Rudy (he knows who he is) did this or anything. He just may have stumbled along and found the display this way. Of course, you'll see someone (was it you or not, Rudy?) turned all of a Lubbock Food King's Longhorns pumpkins upside down and left the Texas Tech ones right side up. Even worse, they left the Longhorns pumpkins next to those total trash pumpkins with a star on them. (I'm kidding, Cowboys fans.).

Have a look:

R. Garcia
R. Garcia

Texas Tech vs UT (September 24th, 2022)

Pictures from the Texas Tech-Texas football game at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.

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