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A Lubbock man says that he was robbed at gunpoint in the bathroom of a local gas station on Thursday, October 28th, 2021.

KAMC News reports that the victim was at the Valero at 1129 Southeast Loop 289. He went into the bathroom and noticed another man quickly follow him inside.

Once both men were inside the bathroom, it's said that the suspect asked the victim if he "remembered him." The victim claimed he didn't, and that's when the suspect took a firearm out of his jacket and pointed it at the victim.

The suspect was described as being very nervous and "all over the place" during the whole interaction.

The victim was ordered to put his cellphone and wallet on the sink and turn around. This was when the suspect stole money from the wallet and left the bathroom, leaving the wallet and phone.

The victim said that he was initially scared to tell anyone in the gas station or call police because he thought the suspect had taken a picture of his driver's license, therefore knowing his address.

So far, it's unknown whether or not a suspect in the incident has been identified or taken into custody.

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