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Lubbock Police have arrested 3 people believed to be responsible for an armed robbery that happened at a local Executive Inn.

KAMC News reports that police received the call just after 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 3rd. Officers responded to the Inn, located in the 4400 block of Avenue Q.

It's said that the victim took 34-year-old Amy Martinez to meet up with another friend at the Inn, but at some point, Martinez asked the victim to go inside of a hotel room with her, where there were also 2 men.

The victim then claims that Martinez demanded the victim's car keys and even pointed a gun at them. The victim also says that one of the 2 men was holding a shotgun.

After the victim refused to give up their car keys, one of the men took the gun from Martinez and told the victim he would "waste" him right there. This led to the victim handing his keys over.

Martinez and 34-year-old Samuel Salinas are said to have taken the car at the point and left the scene. The victim was picked up by their cousin while walking home.

Martinez and Salinas were eventually located and charged with organized crime.

39-year-old David Davila, believed to be the other man in the hotel room, was charged with organized crime as well.

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