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4 suspects involved in an armed robbery at a Lubbock convenience store on Thursday, September 23rd, and they haven't been located yet.

Officers with LPD responded a little bit before 11 a.m. to the Stripes at 403 Avenue Q after receiving reports of a disturbance.

It's said that 2 suspects walked into the store, and a 3rd suspect came in a bit after. One of the suspects allegedly grabbed a 6-pack of beer and tried to walk out without paying. Another of the suspects was said to have later tried to conceal food underneath the checkout counter.

KAMC News reports that the employee attempted to refuse service to the suspects, but they ended up getting punched in the face by one of the suspects. Soon after, the employee ended up being attacked by all 3.

After the employee managed to get back onto their feet, a 4th suspect walked in with a firearm and threatened to shoot the employee. One of the suspects then grabbed all of the items that were on the checkout counter.

All 4 of the suspects then left in a single vehicle. A day later and the identities and locations of those involved are still unknown.

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