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Lubbock Animal Services has now re-opened to the public, so you don't need an appointment to walk through and meet all the wonderful dogs and cats (see photo gallery below) up for adoption now! Their visitor capacity is limited, but they told us, they have not experienced wait-times yet.

When we visited with them last year they were looking forward to creating an outdoor fenced space for the dogs to run and play in, and they are now very close to seeing this take shape!

We spoke with Director Steven Greene and their Assistant Director Megan Schroll who walked us through and introduced us to all the wonderful four-leggeds.

She told us they are working to have the organization Dogs Playing For Life, come in to help set up playgroups, which can be a wonderful improvement for a shelter dog's quality of life.

"It's a national organization that goes around to shelters and helps shelter officers, and staff know how to interact, how dogs interact with each other, how they do well in playgroups together. There's a lot of tools like spray bottles and shake cans, alarms that you use if there's ever an emergency. It's just an all-around good program to get dogs to be able to go outside and interact with each other, and people as well," Schroll told us.

This is in preparation for the new outdoor space. "We do have a grant that Petco gave us very generously, and that will go to Dogs Playing for Life and giving the training here on-site and also to getting the fencing up, which will be probably up within the next two months," she told us.

The dog population is currently reduced to about 60 dogs being sheltered. This is significant. Last year we saw over 300 dogs here!

"A lot of people have been going toward the foster to adopt option, because it gives them a two week trial period to see how the dog's going to fit in their lifestyle, and that they get along with their pets as well at home," Schroll told us.

Dogs are being adopted quickly. They recently had more than 30 adopted in one day! I was going to foster one that I met on our visit, but, before I could come back to get him at the end of the day he was adopted. I'm sorry to have missed bringing him home but am very glad he found a home!

So stop by to visit LAS. A big shout out to them for the incredible work that they do and for giving us this great tour!

You can also view many of the dogs and cats on Pet Finder when you follow this link. You are sure to find a wonderful dog to love at Lubbock Animal Services, 3323 Southeast Loop 289. You can visit their Facebook page for more details.

Lubbock Animal Services Reopens for Business

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