Lubbock Animal Services

Hemmi Knows How to Stack Toilet Paper
Hemmi, the six toed kitten, has learned a brand new trick. How to stack sheets of toilet paper...fairly neatly. Known for his fetching ability among other things, Hemmi has also learned a few acrobatic skills that we are still trying to get on video. Hemmi-the six toed kitten is surely a one of a…
Kahlua Needs a Big Back Yard
Today we have Kahlua, a red and white Husky, looking to be adopted. Kahlua is a young female who needs a big backyard to call her own. She has one blue eye and the other is brown. Come by the shelter today and see her and all the other wonderful animals for adoption.
Great With Children
Today we focus on finding Dottie a home. Dottie is a grey and black dachshund mix female that is already spayed and current on shots. She is an outdoor dog and listed as good with other dogs and children. Come see Dottie today!