It was 1981. Sitting on the bedroom floor with his legs propped up on the dresser, singer-songwriter Jerry Brownlow says the lyrics and music to "Break the Fall" came simultaneously. He was using a 12-string guitar with only 6 strings to create one of the biggest hits The Maines Brothers Band has had in its thirty year-plus career. Jerry took the song to the rest of the band and asked his brother Randy, who was playing keyboard at that time, if he could play along, and together with the rest of the band they put the classic together.

In just a few days time, they played at Coldwater Country, a popular club at that time at the Loop and University. The song started and people started dancing, then Jerry says, "they stopped dancing and looked toward the band and started applauding". It took off across the legion of fans, with one Houston radio station referring to the song as "the greatest song never heard". But the boys wanted the world to hear it, so it was a definite on their album, "Panhandle Dancer." It's been around 30 years and it's still new. We get requests daily for Jerry's song and it's sure to be on the set list for their concert Saturday, August 13th in the Civic Center.

Tickets available through select a seat. Oh, by the way, KQBR FM, 99.5 the Bear lays claim to Jerry as a radio personality ("That's the Gospel", Sundays 7-9am) as well as serving as Lubbock  Townsquare Media Production Director. Here's that fantastic song that's remained a favorite for Maines Brothers Band fans.

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