All of the Hurricane Ian footage circulating the internet right now really puts things in perspective. We're used to complaining about storms and flash flooding in Lubbock, but within a day or two things are back to normal here. You'd never even know it rained.

This time-lapse video of the absolute devastation caused by surge flooding in Fort Myers, Florida makes our problems seem very small indeed. I cannot fathom just how terrifying it would be to be caught in something like this. It's absolutely jaw-dropping.

Out of all of the videos I've watched over the last couple of days, this one really struck me. If you haven't seen it yet, buckle up. Thinking about those who have lost their lives, their homes, their businesses, and their loved ones to this hurricane really hurts my heart. If this video strikes a chord with you as it has with me, please visit the FEMA website for ways to donate money and help those affected.

Mother Nature is powerful.

I won't be complaining about flash flooding in Lubbock anymore. Hurricane Ian is certainly not the first hurricane nor will it be the last, but right now it ranks as one of the worst storms in the history of the United States. It's tied for 5th place with 8 other powerful hurricanes.

Have you ever been through a storm like this? What was it like? Comment on our Facebook page if you'd like to share your story. Let's all continue to count our blessings while we're safe and sound in dusty West Texas.

Flooding In Lubbock, Texas

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