Yeah, it's been raining...a lot. And since Lubbock has the drainage capabilities of a soda straw, there's a lot of standing water right after a downpour, especially in intersections near our beloved playa lakes.

Tell me that the deluge below that was photographed Wednesday afternoon isn't somehow bringing a playa lake eco-system into our major intersections.

Lubbock flooding via Amber Massoud
Lubbock flooding (Courtesy: Amber Massoud)

I mean, just drive down Quaker Ave. near 98th anytime there's high humidity and that lake near the golf course starts looking like Lake Alan Henry as the water floods the street.

So who's to say that some of the critters that make the their lake home won't suddenly decide to see what else this big beautiful world has to offer?

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Are we talking largemouth bass in the middle of Avenue Q? Well, maybe not. Besides, those fish would probably have five heads and three tails. But whenever there's flooding in Lubbock, there is the possibility that the runoff could wind up in the streets.

Don't believe me? Here's video from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, when some fishermen decided to go highway angling on the side of the road.

So, yeah, it is a possibility. However, you're more likely to wind up catching a wayward Shiner Bock can or discarded Whataburger bag floating down Milwaukee Ave. after a cloudburst than anything else. Or maybe a Prius. Those things are small and light and can be washed away with a garden hose.

And remember: make sure your highway fishing license is updates and that you stick to your limit of three largemouth Hondas per trip. You don't want the Department of Fish, Game and Motor Vehicles on your tail.

And good night, Bill Dance...wherever you are.

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